Ethan and Alexa Are Tested To Be Addy's Match

Ethan and Alexa just had their HLA test! HLA is a protein found on most cells in your body and the best transplant outcome happens when a patient's HLA and the donor's HLA closely match. They both did an amazing job and didn't even twitch during the blood draw. Unfortunately, we won't know the results of that for about two weeks. We did however receive some other news....

Great News!!!

We did get the results from Addy's HLA match to the donor registry and she has about 15 complete unrelated matches!

We are however hoping that at least one of her siblings will also be a match as this will be the best transplant option for her.

Thank you guys so much for all of your kind words, support and donations! Also, thank you to each and everyone of you who registered on Be The Match, as you may be one of her possible matches! For everyone that hasn't, please consider registering, as you could be a match for someone else who desperately needs it.

We will keep posting updates as we receive them.

Thank You Again!

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