August 2018 - Update



We have some great news!!! Adelyn’s MRI results on her Liver iron content came back better than expected. She is at 6.7 mg/g which is a drastic improvement from her last two scans! In May of 2017 she was at 12.8 and in November of 2017 she was down to 10.1. This tells us that her iron chelation medication is doing it’s job! Those three pills Adelyn has to take everyday are keeping her internal organs functioning by removing the excess iron as a result of all of her transfusions. Her results are still abnormal as normal rates are between 0.17 and 1.8, but they are so much better! This is all a huge relief and again, thank you all for your continuous thoughts and prayers, they obviously are working wonders!


We will be hosting our next blood drive on Saturday, December 1st at the United Methodist Church located at 2156 E Liberty Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85048. The registration page is already open so you can get an appointment set up! Please share this information with family and friends, this has became the largest blood drive in Ahwatukee thanks to all of you generous blood donors. Our goal is to continue to grow and save as many lives as we can! Here is the registration link:

Schedule Your Blood Donation Appointment

Thank you all so much!!!

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