MRI Results: Not All Good News

MRI Results:

We have just received the results from Adelyn's MRI scans of her heart and liver. The Cardiac MRI shows no iron deposition, which means there is no damage to it from the chronic transfusions. Her liver MRI on the other hand, did not come back normal. There is definitely iron built up and we have to take measures to correct it immediately. The normal counts for liver iron content are between 0.17 and 1.8 mg/g of dry weight and hers is 12.8 mg/g. The first course of action is to increase her daily dosage of Jadenu, a drug that is used to remove iron from her blood. This will put her close to maximum daily dosage limit in hopes of keeping her iron levels down and removing the iron built up in her liver already. Her dosage has now doubled since the beginning of the year. Another MRI will be done in approximately 6 months and the results of that will ultimately determine how soon she will need to have her bone marrow transplant. If the iron continues to build in her body she will suffer iron overload and this could be fatal. Although this is difficult to say, we have great faith in her caregivers and PCH and we do have some time in determining the best course of action, whether it be continued transfusions or a transplant in the next year. We again thank everyone for following Adelyn's journey and thinking about her during this difficult time. Our spirits are high because of all of your continued support!

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